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Testimonials - Sir Vincent Floissac Internship Programme, 2016

Andrae Silburn, Intern (2016) - “Upon hearing that I was offered the opportunity to undertake a ten week period of internship at Floissac Fleming and Associates in June 2016, I was excited. The prospect of learning and interning in a jurisdiction different to mine was titillating.

I was impressed at how formal and carefully planned the entire process was. From accommodation arrangements, to my pickup at the George FL Charles Airport and my first day at the Firm, it was thoroughly executed. Then my first day at the firm. What I thought would be a casual meet and greet before officially commencing my internship on Monday June 6th turned out to be rigorous assessment of the merits and arguments concerning the application for an interim injunction. It was then that I came to the realization that these folks meant business and as I had unilaterally misconstrued I had come for no vacation. Welcome to work.

The best part of the Sir Vincent Floissac Internship Programme is that it is a challenging but rewarding experience. It is a far cry from sitting in lecture halls, meticulously scribbling notations for final or researching moot points of law. It is not academic, in that it is practical and you will know that the minute you step foot into the Office. I obtained the true experience of the practising counsel representing a vast array inclusive of local and trans-national clients.

I also greatly appreciated that you are treated like an attorney-at-law for all intents and purpose and as part of the team in every respect. You are no intern, nope, not a junior either, just a part of a highly efficient structure of attorneys aiming for excellence and client satisfaction.”

Romona Morgan, Intern (2016) - “From my first day onwards I observed that the attorneys were cordial and at ease with each other. Conversations were natural and free spirited and more importantly everyone operated as a team with the goal of furthering the growth of the firm. This made it very easy to assimilate into the culture of the firm and to perform those tasks I was assigned, to my best potential.

Each attorney exposed me to a wide range of legal work spanning the entire cross section of Civil matters that the firm practices. This involved determining and drafting the appropriate course for an appeal; drafting leases with unique provisions and evaluating trial documents to prepare written closing submissions among other things. Not only do I now have a more informed view of the logistics involved in preparing a final piece of work, but I also have a broadened legal field of vision.

It is human nature to be selfish and competitive in everything we do, but I found the ethical standards at this firm to be incontrovertible. Their greatest concern was with resolving a matter on behalf of their client within the best time frame possible but this was always done within the precepts of the Laws of Saint Lucia, the Civil Procedure Rules and conscientiously.”

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